You are looking for information specifically on our electric SCO2Ts? Here you find it.

1. Start rental

Log into the SCO2T Web-App with your username and password.
On the map you can select the SCO2T you would like to rent. By clicking on the SCO2T you will see the current fuel level as well as the exact position / address where the SCO2T is parked. Once you have arrived at the SCO2T’s location, click ‘start rental’, confirm the GT&Cs, and enter your PIN. Then your rental will start.

2. Prepare for ride

Within a few seconds of pressing “start rental” the SCO2T will be activated and the button on the left side below the steering wheel will show a green light. Press the button to open the storage compartment under the seat There you will find the helmet (including one time caps, stored in a black bag) as well as the keys for the SCO2T (slightly longer) and the topcase (slightly shorter).

3. Start ride

Important: For safety reasons the SCO2T will not start while on the side stand. So please put it either on the main stand or retract both stands.
To start the SCO2T, insert the SCO2T key into the ignition (right hand side below the steering wheel) and turn it to the right. You may need to disengage the steering wheel lock beforehand by pressing down the key and turning it to the right (hint: if this proves difficult, move the steering wheel slightly – this typically helps).

How to turn your ignition key

Once the ignition lock is engaged, start the SCO2T by pushing the ignition button (right hand side on the steering wheel) while pulling one or both of the hand breaks. Occasionally, e.g. after a cold night, and especially with our 125cc SCO2Ts, you may need to pull the gas throttle a bit to enable a smooth start.

How to start your SCO2T

You can also start the SCO2T using the kickstarter on the left hand side next to the main stand. To do so, the SCO2T key must be turned to the right same as when using the e-starter.
You have problems starting the SCO2T – no problem – call our hotline at +43 (0) 720 510675 – we are happy to help.

Attention: Make sure to always drive with your lights on (this is legally required in Austria).

How to turn on your lights

3. Parking

During your rental you can park the SCO2T at our discount parking rate all throughout Vienna. To park, please turn off the engine and put the SCO2T onto its main stand (it falls over more easily on the side stand). Return helmet and key to the storage compartment (and close it) and engage the parking mode by pressing the button ‘park’ in the Web-App.

Within a few seconds the green light at the button below the steering wheel will disappear and the SCO2T will deactivate.

Once you come back, press ‘finish parking’ in the Web-App to resume your rental. The SCO2T will reactivate, just like when you started the rental.

4. Finalize rental

To finalize your rental, please park the SCO2T in a legal parking slot (no loading zones, private parking, garage entrances, …), turn of the engine and put the helmet and keys back into the storage compartment under the seat. Close the storage compartment and push the ‘finalize rental’ button in the Web-App. (Please bear in mind not to leave any personal belongings in the SCO2T, topcase … or handset holder!).
In the next step, please confirm that no accidents or damages have occured during your rental. Should there have been a problem (e.g. unclean helmet), please report it via the button ‘Report problem / damage’ before finishing the rental.
In case of serious damages or accidents please always contact our hotline at +43 (0)720 510675.

5. Cell phone holder / USB charger

You would like to use your mobile to navigate while driving? No problem. All our SCO2Ts are equipped with a mobile phone holder. The mobile phone holder is mounted on the right rear-view mirror.
The holder fits for most cell phones – only very large or small devices may occasionally cause problems. To adjust the size press the button on the lower left side (see photos).

Although the cell phone holder provides a double protection against the phone falling down, we cannot assume any liability for damaged phones.

To ensure your phone does not run out of battery while driving – this is important because you need it to end your rental – our SCO2Ts are equipped with a USB charging plug. You can find it on the right, below the handlebar (and the phone holder).
So you can charge your phone – or any other device important to you – while driving.

Once you finish charging please put the protective cap back on the plug – this ensures that everything remains 100% waterproof.

Still more questions about SCO2T? Take a look at our FAQs or mail us at: