Der grüne Knopf am Elektro-SCO2T

How do I rent an electric SCO2T?

Just like the conventional ones. On the left side below the steering you will find a metal / silver button that flashes green once you have started your rental. This button opens the trunk under the seat which contains the keys and one helmet – just as with the conventional SCO2Ts.
The green button on the electric SCO2TThe ‘green button’ can be found below the left handle of the steering.

How do I start an electric SCO2T?

Just as with a conventional SCO2T you insert the (longer) key into the ignition lock and turn it to the right. This causes the screen above the steering to power up. On the upper side of the screen you find a symbol P (in red, see photo) – indicating that the SCO2T is now in parking mode.

The red P on the electric SCO2T displayThe red P on the electric SCO2T display (upper side, centered).

If you turn the gas lever now, nothing happens. You first need to turn of the parking mode. To do that, pull both break handles and press the green start button on the right handle of the steering (same position as the ignition button in conventional SCO2Ts).

Start button in electric SCO2TsStart button in electric SCO2Ts (in green).

CAREFUL: There is no start sound, not even a beep. If you turn the gas handle now: off you go.
The same steps can also be used to put the scooter back into parking mode. So to be sure that you don’t accidentially put it back into parking mode, slightly turn the gas handle after pressing the start button (scooter will only enter parking mode in absolute standstill).

Are there any difference in driving compared to the conventional SCO2Ts?

Not really: The electric SCO2Ts drive pretty much like our conventional 50cc SCO2Ts. However, the acceleration is significantly stronger, so pay attention while starting off the first few times, especially when the road is wet. Otherwise, you can enjoy protecting the environment with every meter and making Vienna an even more enjoyable and liveable city.
One important remark: Other than our conventional SCO2Ts, our NIU electric SCO2TS support 3 driving levels (1, 2, 3), which you can select with the green wheel on top of the right handle of the steering. Mode 1 accelerates very mildly, limiting the speed to 25 km/h. Levels 2 and 3 support the maximum speed and accelerate faster, level 3 being the fastest. From our initial experience you will do fine with levels 2 and 3. Level 3 takes a bit time to get used as the acceleration is much sharper than what you usually experience in the 50cc class.

Driving level selectorDriving level selector wheel (in green, with print 1-2-3, right handle of the steering.

Can I ride the electric SCO2Ts outside the service area / outside Vienna?

As with our conventional SCO2Ts you can ride and park outside the service area. Please bear in mind to retain sufficient battery range to return to the service area (the remaining range in km is shown on the dashboard). Scooters stranded with empty batteries outside the service areas will be towed / refilled for a service charge.

At the moment, rides outside Vienna are prohibited. For trips into our beautiful surrounding areas, please use one of our conventional SCO2Ts.

How about charging / fueling up?

No hazzle for you, our service team takes care of recharging the SCO2Ts. If you should come across an empty electric SCO2T please let us know, we’ll take care of the recharging as soon as possible.

How do I recognize an electric SCO2T?

In the app you will find electric SCO2Ts by the green Symbol with the E – for electric SCO2T.

The vehicle description says “NIU N1S Elektro-Scooter”.

In ‘real life’ you recognize them, as every SCO2T, by their pretty form and white color. ;-) Electric SCO2TS further have white number plates with GREEN writing (indicating how green they are …) – and they obviously lack an exhaust.

Any further difference to the conventional SCO2Ts?

Not really. Also our electric SCO2Ts are each equipped for 2 persons, containing 2 helmets, one in size L (trunk under the seat) and one in size S (topcase). In the black bag in the seat trunk you further find the legal papers, first aid kit and hygienic one time caps.

One further little difference: Some of our electric SCO2Ts are equipped with a new top case type, which has a lock that opens when being pressed. To lock this topcase type, turn the key to horizontal, just like shown in the picture.

Locked electric SCO2T topcaseLocked electric SCO2T topcase.


Do I need to register or sign up separately for the electric SCO2Ts?

No, we like it simple: As a SCO2T customer you are automatically registered for the electric SCO2Ts. Just go to the app and find the next electric SCO2T.

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How can I fit the helmet into the seat compartment?

… completely without brute force? Simple: by turning sideways. Thus the helmet as well as the black bag fits easily. 
helmet in seat compartmentThis is how you can easily fit even the size L helmet into the seat compartment.


You did not find an answer to your question? Email us at: Electric-SCO2Ts@sco2t.com