How can I sign up?

You can sign up for free hereTo sign-up you need to be at least 19 years old and in possession of a valid EU driving license since at least 12 months. In case you driving license has been issued outside EU you will need an international driving license. You can get an international driving license at your local motorist association or here in Vienna at ÖAMTC. Also, you require an EU bank account for billing, as well as an eMail adress and a smartphone. Following your registration we will ask you to send us a scan / photo of your driving license (front- and back side) as well as an up-to-date photo of yourself / selfie.

Which driving license do I need?

Most of our SCO2Ts belong to the vehicle class AM, as per the European driving license regulation. That means you can drive them with the standard class B car driving license. At the moment, we only accept driving licenses issued within the EU. To sign up for SCO2T your driving license must have been issued at least 12 months ago. To also drive our 125 cc SCO2Ts, you need a motorcycle driving license (class A as per European driving license regulation), or an appropriate extension to your car driving license (such as class B111 in Austria).

Your driving license has been issued outside Austria. No problem. We accept all driving licenses issued in EU/EWR countries.

Your driving license has been issued outside the EU/EWR. Also no problem. However, for legal reasons we require an international driving license from you in addition to your (home country) driving license. You can get an international driving license easily and at low cost in most countries.

What about parking?

As simple as it gets. One of the key advantages of SCO2T is that you can park almost anywhere as long as parking there is legal. Due to the small size of the vehicle you’ll normally find a parking spot directly in front of your destination. You can also park the SCO2T in one of Vienna’s many pay zones (Kurzparkzonen) at no cost.

What you need to consider though are areas where parking is (temporarily) banned, like loading zones, parking spots reserved for handicapped and garage entrances – as well as the parking spaces reserved exclusively for residents, esp. in Vienna’s inner city.

Also, you may not park the SCO2T within private parking places or garages.

What about the helmet?

You will find a modern jet helmet in size L in the storage compartment of each SCO2T. Helmets are frequently cleaned and maintained by our service staff. In the storage compartment you also find one time caps for hygienic use.

A second helmet – in size S – is stored in the topcase.

And of course you can also bring your own helmet ;-)

One time caps are not your thing? Then try the fashionable SCO2T-Bandanas!

How does the day flat work?

As simple as can be – just drive as long until your rental has reached the day flat level – 29,90 € for the 50ccm SCO2Ts and 39,90 € for the 125 ccm SCO2Ts. Afterwards the price of your rental stops automatically at the day flat level – thus, you don’t have to worry about anything.

And the best of it: The day flat if valid for full 24 hours – not just a calendar day.

Important: The day flat is valid for one ride on one vehicle. It does not include changes of vehicles. Also if you finish a rent and start a new one on the same vehicle this does not count into the day flat.

What about insurance?

Of course our SCO2Ts are insured according to the legal requirements in the EU. We provide both a general third-party / liability insurance as well as a partial comprehensive insurance covering risks like theft, fire etc.. For damages to the vehicle not caused by third parties there is a deductible / contribution (see price list).

For further details on insurance and liability please see our general terms & conditions.

What about gasoline / fueling up?

Very simple: In general, you don’t need to worry as our service team frequently fuels up the SCO2Ts.

If you need to fuel up during a ride, just drive by the next gas station and fill it up. The bill for the 5 liter tank should never be more than € 10. Pay the bill, take a photo of it, and send it to Please put the paper bill in the black bag in the storage compartment, where we will collect it. We’ll promptly refund your account with the respective amount – and credit you an extra 10 minutes to honour your effort. To avoid any misunderstanding, we understand ‘filling up’ (thus granting the free minutes) if the fuel bill is >4€.

Our SCO2Ts run on Super 95 fuel. The tank cap is below the seat – see the photos below.

SCO2Ts wieder auftanken

You find the tank cap below the seat (back side)

Please bear in mind that for longer trips outside the service area (70km fair use limit) fuel cost cannot be reimbursed.

Anything else I need to consider?

We don’t like too many rules & regulations, ;-)

so there are just three things we would like you to consider / bear in mind:

1) to drive a SCO2T you need to be registered with us. Thus no borrowing of SCO2Ts or alike.

2) strictly no alcohol and drugs while driving (we enforce a 0,0 alcohol level)

3) be nice to our SCO2Ts – and to others on the street. Enjoy sun and fresh air and leave traffic jams to others ;-)

For further details please consult our general terms and conditions.

Where can I rent a SCO2T (or end my rental)?

SCO2T is a fully free floating sharing service – which means no stations. So you can rent SCO2Ts wherever you find them. Our service area covers all of Vienna’s inner districts, plus a few islands further out. Take a look at it here.

BTW, only renting and ending your rental is restricted to the service area – beyond that you can drive and park wherever you like in Vienna, as well as in our scenic surroundings.

Rides outside the service area?

… are possible, no problem. Both in Vienna as well as all the nice surrounding areas. Only trips into neighbouring foreign countries (Slovakia, Hungary) are prohibited due to insurance reasons. The electric SCO2Ts are currently limited to the Vienna city area.

Rides on highways?

… are possible with our 125ccm SCO2Ts, no problem. However, as our SCO2Ts are primarily intended for city rides, we have not equipped them with the road pricing vignette that are required for highway use in Austria. Thus you need to ensure yourself that the vehicle is equipped with the respective required vignette when driving on a highway.

Help, my SCO2T is dusty!

Although our service team is constantly roaming the city to ensure the SCO2Ts are in perfect condition for you. Pollen, road debris and the occasional sudden rainshower don’t always make it easy for us.

To make sure you have a flawless SCO2T available at any time, we have equipped all vehicles with cleaning wipes (in the storage compartment under the seat, next to the helmet) – so that even after a sudden downpour your gorgeous outfit stays clean.

If you ever find a SCO2T in urgent need of a more thorough cleaning, shout out for help to

Where can I get the app?

Very simple: Here you go for Apple/iOS and here for Google/Android.
Besides that, we also have a so-called Web-App … that’s essentially a website that works like an app. For you, this brings a number of advantages:

  1. Our Web-App works on every smartphone. Your device is Windows, Blackberry or Symbian? No problem with us …
  2. Our Web-App works regardless where you are from – unfortunately we cannot offer our apps on every regional appstore version.
  3. You don’t need to download anything. To start our app, simply follow this link (which you can also find on the upper right corner of our website) – or directly enter in your mobile browser.

You would like to link our app next to all the other apps on your homescreen? No problem – just follow the guidance on this linked (external) page.

If you have an Android smartphone, take a look at our instruction video.

To ensure that our app works flawlessly, please enable cookie acceptance and GPS on your smartphone.

Registration documents / first aid kit?

In case you need it, every SCO2T is equipped with the legally prescribed first aid kit. You can find it in the storage compartment under the seat. Next to it you also find the registration document, which you might need during a traffic control. In the new 125cc SCO2Ts you find both items in the small compartment under the steering, which you can open with the vehicle key.

How can I report a damage?

Just click the “Schaden melden” button in the rental dialogue.

SCO2Ts report damage

You find the report damage button at the lower end of the rental dialogue.

In case of severe damages which could impact driving safety please get in touch directly with our hotline (0720 510675).

To see already reported damages, please click on “Miete beenden”. A list of the reported damages is listed there. With “Schliessen” you can easily return to the rental dialog (without ending the rental).

How does billing / invoicing work?

Invoicing is generally run monthly. This means you will get an invoice for your usage during the last days of the month. The invoice will then be debited to your payment means on the first bank day of the following month. This excludes invoices exceeding € 100. In this case, an interim invoicing and debit is triggered. For new customers (before the first monthly bill) the limit for interim invoices is € 30. You will receive your invoice in any case at least 2 days before the debit.

Where do I find information on my bills and credits?

Information on your billing items you can find in our customer area under the flag “billing”.

There you can check which rentals are currently on your account as well as any credits that have been issued. ‘Frei minutes’ are also credited exclusively in monetary terms. Unlike in the rides list in the app in the customer area only rides which are charged appear If any rental has been credited to you by our customer service it will thus still shown up in the ride list in the app, but not in customer area / billing overview.

In the customer area you can also change your password and / or PIN if that should become necessary.

You have questions about our SCO2Ters? Take a look at our instruction pages: conventional (i.e. gasoline) SCO2Ts, electric SCO2Ts

You did not find the answer to your question? Then contact us directly at