Each and every price point.

Ride per minute

Parking per minute

Ride per day, “day flat” (the day rate applies as soon as the individual cost of a single rental (ride and parking) exceeds the day flat price for this vehicle. The day flat is valid for 24 hours, i.e. not bound to a specific calendar day. It does NOT include vehicle changes or multiple rentals on the same vehicle.)

Ride per day 125cc

Ride per day electric scooters

Processing of traffic violations (z.B. speeding)
Processing of failed / returned direct debits

Re-parking illegally parked vehicles by SCO2T

Processing of third party towing operations

Loss / damage / destruction of the vehicle key
Loss / damage / destruction of the helmet
Violations of the SCO2T rental terms
Illegal foreign trips, disclosure of the access data to third parties

Deductible for collision damage / theft

Transport of vehilces back to service area

Bonus for refuelling a SCO2T (fuel level 20% or less)
Note: For trips outside the service area fuel cost is covered only for the first 70kms (fair use)

All prices including VAT

Updated June 2017